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Free Indian GST calculator. Easy and simple online GST calculator created for Indian businesses.

GST Calculator

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This GST calculator and print-only GST invoice generator are created for small businesses. Who wants to generate impressive computerize GST bill for free of cost.

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Why this GST Calculator?

We have created this GST calculator and print-only invoice generator for small businesses in India.

Small businesses are facing challenges to calculate GST invoices.

A small business may not have the arrangement of costly computers and software systems.

In India, most of the small businesses still dependent on manual billing.

But the manual bill is not an easy option. Particularly businesses that sell multiple tax rated items.

It takes substantial time to calculate GST amount, taxable amount and the net amount of different tax rated products.

Most of the retailers face the problem that they have MRP to sell. But they need the taxable amount and tax amount respectively for GST Billing.

Even with a calculator, it is tricky and time taking.

Here is the role of a GST calculator comes into the play. Where you can calculate GST within seconds.

Just enter the values and it will automatically calculate GST in milliseconds

What is GST Calculator?

GST calculator or Goods and Services calculator is a simple calculator. Where you can easily calculate GST for billing purposes without any mathematical jargon.

This particular GST calculator is especially designed to calculate GST in Indian GST system.

How does it work?

Two types of calculations required in the GST a invoice.

One is adding GST on net price and get gross amount along with the tax amount.

If you have a net price and want to get MRP or gross rate. In the GST calculator, you only need to put net price and tax rate on the respective input box. That's it.

Another is, you have the MRP or sales rate and tax rate, you need the taxable amount and tax amount by back-calculation.

Just check the button Price Included Tax before putting the MRP on price Field and the tax rate on the tax rate field.

You will get both, the taxable amount and tax amount

GST invoice generator

Every aspirant business owners want to impress their customers with an eye-catching, computer-generated invoice.

Our lifetime free print-only GST invoice generator is for those aspirant hobbyhorses owners. Who want impressive invoice but a dearth of resources to use a full feature GST software.

Or startups who just started a new business has only a few customers. Purchasing GST software is not worthy.

This invoice generator has a perfect GST invoice format when you print it.

Of course, this GST Calculator and Invoice generator is not a substitute for GST software. You can only print your invoice in it. You have to maintain all the accounting records separately.

You can also try out our super-simple GST accounting software. For a free trial please click here

How does it work?

It is quite simple. First, fill your company details and custom details on the respective field. Select your and your customer’s state correctly CGST SGST or IGST will be auto-calculated based on it.

Then select the date. By default, your invoice generator will be filled with the current date. You can change it as per your requirement. Then put your invoice number.

Remember you have to put it manually and keep a record of it. You cannot use the same invoice number twice.

After entering the company and customer details, add item name, HSN code, quantity GST rate discount (if any) rest will be calculated automatically.

After adding one item click the orange add item button to add another item. Then hit the print button to print or save as pdf invoice format.

To print click the print icon and to save as pdf on your device click on the icon on right above the invoice.

Your invoice is ready with all your GST calculations.

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