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Zubizi Garment Manufacturing ERP Software is developed specifically for managing and maintaining manufacturing process of garment manufacturers in India.

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A to Z manufacturing process management in our Garment Manufacturing ERP Software

Seamlessly manage your manufacturing process, from purchasing of raw materials, cutting, sewing and all the way through invoicing and sales management with our Garment Manufacturing ERP Software.

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Cons: Can't think of any!

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Easy to use and simple

Easy to use and simple

Our manufacturing process management software is developed minding the simplicity of the usage. Our manufacturing software is one of the easiest manufacturing process management software in India

Secure and Private

Secure and Private

With password encrypted access, only you and granted users can access your financial accounts and reports in our manufacturing software.

Advance User Access Control

Advance User Access Control

Give access to certain users only what they need to do and the rest of it is in your hand.

24x7 Customer Support

24x7 Customer Support

Call us anytime in a day. Our support team is waiting for you to provide assistance whenever you need.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Get your money back within 30 days of purchase if you don't like our garment manufacturing ERP software or our software does not fulfil your needs

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Feature list of our manufacturing software

Here are some of the detailed list of features of our erp software.

  • check_circle Worker Management

    Efficiently manage your garment manufacturing workforce with ease. Track attendance, assign tasks, and monitor performance to optimize productivity.

  • check_circle Product Management

    Simplify and streamline your garment product management process. Organize and track designs, materials, and specifications accurately for efficient production.

  • check_circle Batch/Lot Generation

    Automate batch/lot creation for systematic tracking and quality control in your garment manufacturing process.

  • check_circle Worker Task Assignment

    Effortlessly assign tasks to workers for streamlined collaboration and improved efficiency.

  • check_circle Work-in-progress Tracking

    Real-time tracking of garment manufacturing progress. Identify bottlenecks and optimize workflow for timely project completion.

  • check_circle Batch/Lot Tracking

    Monitor the movement and status of garment production batches or lots. Ensure accurate inventory management and timely delivery.

  • check_circle Pending Assignments Tracking

    Manage pending tasks efficiently. Prioritize and track assignments for timely completion.

  • check_circle Worker Payroll Management

    Simplify worker payroll with automated wage calculations, attendance tracking, and accurate reporting.

  • check_circle Worker Ledger

    Maintain a comprehensive ledger of garment manufacturing workers. Store key details for effective management and decision-making.

  • check_circle Worker Due List

    Efficiently manage worker tasks and deadlines with our Worker Due List feature. Stay organized and ensure timely completion of assignments for optimal productivity.

  • check_circle Raw Materials Inventory

    Take control of your raw materials inventory with our comprehensive management system. Track stock levels, monitor usage, and streamline procurement for seamless production.

  • check_circle Raw Materials Assignment

    Effortlessly assign raw materials to specific projects or tasks with our intuitive assignment feature. Ensure accurate allocation and minimize wastage in your garment manufacturing process.

  • check_circle Raw Materials Tracking

    Track the movement and usage of raw materials in real-time. Gain visibility into inventory levels, monitor consumption, and streamline reordering for uninterrupted production.

  • check_circle Finished Goods Inventory

    Manage your finished goods inventory effectively. Track stock levels, monitor product availability, and streamline order fulfillment for efficient customer service.

  • check_circle Product Wise Cost Reports

    Access detailed cost reports for each garment product. Analyze expenses, track profitability, and make informed decisions for optimized pricing and cost management.

  • check_circle Sales Invoicing

    Streamline your sales invoicing process with our integrated feature. Generate professional invoices, manage payment tracking, and ensure accurate financial transactions.

  • check_circle Sales Return / Goods Returns

    Effortlessly handle sales returns and goods returns with our user-friendly system. Streamline the process, manage inventory adjustments, and maintain customer satisfaction.

  • check_circle Customer Management

    Enhance customer relationships with our robust customer management feature. Easily store and access customer information, track interactions, and provide personalized service.

  • check_circle Customer Payment Management

    Efficiently handle customer payments with our intuitive system. Track and manage transactions, streamline payment processes, and ensure timely and accurate payment collection.

  • check_circle Customer Account Ledger

    Maintain comprehensive customer account ledgers for easy tracking and management. Monitor payment history, outstanding balances, and customer financial interactions.

  • check_circle Sundry Debtors / Customer Due List

    Keep track of outstanding customer payments with our Sundry Debtors feature. Streamline debt management, prioritize collections, and improve cash flow.

  • check_circle Inventory Management

    Streamline your inventory management processes with our robust system. Track stock levels, monitor product availability, and optimize inventory replenishment for efficient operations.

  • check_circle Purchase Order Management

    Simplify purchase order management with our integrated solution. Create, track, and manage purchase orders efficiently, ensuring accurate procurement and streamlined supply chain processes.

  • check_circle Purchase Return / Goods Returns

    Effortlessly handle purchase returns and goods returns with our user-friendly system. Manage return processes, track inventory adjustments, and facilitate timely refunds or replacements.

  • check_circle Supplier Management

    Optimize supplier relationships with our comprehensive supplier management feature. Store supplier details, track interactions, and streamline communication for effective collaboration.

  • check_circle Raw Materials Inventory

    Maintain accurate control over your raw materials inventory. Track stock levels, monitor usage, and streamline procurement processes for uninterrupted production.

  • check_circle Supplier Payment Management

    Effectively manage supplier payments with our integrated payment management system. Track and schedule payments, streamline financial transactions, and maintain healthy supplier relationships.

  • check_circle Supplier Account Ledger

    Maintain comprehensive supplier account ledgers for easy tracking and management. Monitor payment history, outstanding balances, and supplier financial interactions.

  • check_circle Sundry Creditors / Supplier Due List

    Keep track of outstanding payments to suppliers with our Sundry Creditors feature. Streamline creditor management, prioritize payments, and maintain strong supplier relationships.

  • check_circle GSTR1

    Simplify your GST compliance with our GSTR1 Filing feature. Generate accurate and timely GSTR1 reports for seamless tax filing and regulatory compliance.

  • check_circle GSTR3B

    Effortlessly manage your GST returns with our GSTR3B Filing feature. Generate and file GSTR3B reports accurately, ensuring compliance with GST regulations.

  • check_circle GST Summery

    Access a concise summary of your GST returns. Gain insights into tax liabilities, input tax credits, and overall GST compliance for effective financial management.

  • check_circle Graphical Analytics

    Visualize your data with our graphical analytics feature. Gain meaningful insights through interactive charts and graphs, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

  • check_circle Customer Reports

    Generate detailed reports on customer-related data. Analyze sales, customer preferences, and buying patterns to optimize marketing strategies and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • check_circle Supplier Reports

    Access comprehensive reports on supplier-related data. Analyze procurement patterns, payment history, and supplier performance for effective supplier management and cost optimization.

  • check_circle Worker Reports

    Generate insightful reports on worker performance and productivity. Monitor task completion, efficiency, and overall workforce performance for better resource allocation and performance evaluation.

  • check_circle Raw Materials Inventory

    Efficiently manage your raw materials inventory. Keep track of stock levels, monitor usage, and streamline procurement for smooth production.

  • check_circle Finished Goods Inventory

    Effectively manage your finished goods inventory. Track stock levels, monitor product availability, and ensure timely order fulfillment.

  • check_circle Work-in-progress Tracking

    Track the progress of your work-in-progress garments in real-time. Gain visibility into the status of each task, identify bottlenecks, and optimize workflow for timely completion.

  • check_circle Most Popular Products

    Identify your most popular garment products. Analyze sales data to determine customer preferences and market trends, allowing you to make informed decisions on product offerings.

  • check_circle Finished Product Cost Reports

    Access detailed cost reports for your finished products. Analyze expenses, track profitability, and make data-driven decisions for pricing and cost management.

  • check_circle Advance Batch/Lot Wise Reports

    Generate comprehensive reports on advanced batch/lot-wise information. Analyze key metrics, such as production data, quality control, and resource utilization, for better operational insights.

  • check_circle Costing Reports

    Analyze production costs with detailed reports. Understand expenses, optimize pricing, and improve profitability.

Why choose Zubizi's Garment Manufacturing ERP Software?

All the clothes that you wear today are all designed and manufactured by dedicated garment manufacturers who spend all their time and energy in getting each apparel piece to deliver the intended purpose successfully. for sale.

However, there is more than what meets the eye here as the majority of the people do not know the numerous steps involved in the manufacturing of garments or different apparel pieces.

It is not just about making fabric and getting the final item manufactured, as there are layers to the entire process of converting the raw materials at hand to the finished products

The common steps involved in the overall garment production process include finding the right fabric and sourcing the raw materials from the top supplier, to begin with.

Then, the next step is to sit on finalizing the list of designs based on patterns, cuts, and colors.

Once these steps are completed, the designs are put forward for sewing action with the addition of different accessories and necessary alterations or trims, to complete the final piece of garment.

Before we look into the potential problems faced by a production unit and how technology can help improve it, let us understand the current market analysis of the apparel manufacturing industry below.

Market Study

The global apparel manufacturing industry today stands at a revenue of $861.5 billion as of 2022.

According to statistics, the market size for the global garment manufacturing industry has doubled and is growing at a faster pace than the overall economy.

Even though 2022 has just begun, the predicted increase in this particular industry is expected to be a massive 4.3%.

One of the major reasons why the global garment industry is peaking its way into 2022 is the availability of a range of software solutions that streamline the overall operations of the manufacturing unit.

A garment manufacturing software is the necessary one-stop solution to streamline all the potential issues and concerns for a manufacturer in just a few quick steps by automating the overall process.

To understand how apparel manufacturing software can benefit a garment manufacturing unit, let us discuss some of the key benefits of the same below.

  • With the help of garment manufacturing software like Zubizi, you can streamline the overall manufacturing process with efficient management and systematic operations.

    This is possible as with apparel manufacturing software, you can manage each step in the overall process with proper attention.

    From managing raw materials to getting the designs ready for production to the final distribution, it can all thus be managed efficiently with the help of this software.

  • A garment manufacturing ERP software is also highly beneficial to become a pro at inventory management.

    Inventory is an essential part of the overall manufacturing process for fashion apparel and so keeping a check on it is necessary.

    With the help of garment manufacturing software like Zubizi, you can track the inventory based on color, style, design, size, vendor, warehouse, etc., all without the involvement of manual efforts.

    As the garment manufacturing software automates inventory management, you can also carry out multiple reports and track stock availability, the order of items, other important item details, etc., all in just a few quick steps.

  • Along with streamlined business processes and effective inventory management, you can also integrate apparel manufacturing ERP software to manage your payment and billing.

    The bigger the manufacturing unit, the higher the number of orders and clients.

    Thus, with the assistance of apparel manufacturing software, you can create a dashboard to track invoices, generate bills, and collate receipts but different services and products based on the price range.

    Additionally, you can also involve your employees to make them generate bills that need to be delivered to the customers with proper information of payment.

Overall, garment manufacturing software uses one of the top technologies available today that is the cloud and so the ease of accessibility and confirmed data security is the biggest advantage.

With the changing dynamics in the work environment globally, it has now become important to keep up with the changing technologies by adopting the ones that benefit you the most.

And with our garment manufacturing ERP software in place, you do not have to worry about the management of backend processes with direct interference.

This technology will not only elevate the brand image for your business but will also help you grow and expand.

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