TexSoft: GST Billing Software for Textile Business

TexSoft is a GST accounting software specially designed for textile merchants and textile retailers.

You will agree that, after implementation of Goods and service tax in India, it is hard to maintain your account without a GST accounting software.

But, there are not any special GST return software available in the market for textile business which can provide a complete solution.

We all know how big textile industry is. Moreover, it's business processes are Completely different.

A generic GST billing software cannot fulfill all the requirements of the textile business.

Textile merchants have it's own unique requirements, like dying or coloring the grey fabrics, transportation complexity and many more.

We have made TexSoft GST software. It is completely tailored based on your textile business needs.

We are sure that, you will be delighted to see, how we composed all special features for textile industry along with all the general GST accounting features in our TexSoft GST software. Please have a look:

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  • Dying:

    You may know that Dying is one of the most important processes in the textile industry.

    Because most of the textile business purchases grey fabrics direct from textile mills and dye it as requirements of the market.

    But after GST, proper dying management is required. Because the dying process is generally done by third-party job workers.

    And proper job workers management and it's GST calculation is difficult.

    Thus we have put a beautiful dying process in TexSoft GST software in a super easy manner. Which will serve you both ways: the job workers management and easier stock maintenance.

    It will solve your one the most complicated issue of your textile business.

  • Transportation:

    We find out that, precious time textile business spent on transport tracking and managing the transport payment, hence the payment process of transport company is always complicated, that can also incur financial loss.

    In our TexSoft GST software, we simplified the complicated transportation management along with its complicated payment manner.

    So that you can easily get a real-time update regarding transportation.

  • Unit conversion:

    Purchase in one unit type and sell it to different unit type is one of the special nature of the textile business. For example, you may purchase a product in kg unit but you want to sell it on miter, and it is a common problem of the textile business.

    But no worries, we develop TexSoft GST in such a brilliant way you can easily convert one unit to another unit type without much affecting your accounts.

  • Godowns Management:

    A textile business may have multiple godowns for spacing and smooth location wise delivery. But organizing the stock and keep it in mind which product stored in which godown is practically not possible.

    Still not clear? No worry, just contact us through one of your preferred communication method mentioned below. One of our executives will clear your all queries patiently.

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