Retail Shop Billing Software

Ever since the goods and service tax came into being, it has created a lot of chaos, especially for small businesses such as retail. The management of billing was no less than a hectic task; with the intrusion of GST, it became all the more complicated. But thanks to the Zubizi GST Billing Software for retail shops that has streamlined the process for all retailers. Now, all business owners can provide their customers the service they deserve while maintaining their financial record at fingertips.

The super simple and convenient platform offered by Zubizi will help you manage your payment smoothly while letting your customers enjoy fast payment modes. On the other hand, billing software for the retail shop will also help your business manage your account more conveniently than ever. Here is all you can get with the help of GST billing software by Zubizi.

What is GST Billing Software?

It is software that helps businesses streamline their accounting process, needs and service for a more organized and balanced financial system. In other words, GST billing software helps retailers and businesses professionally resolve their financial management service, including invoicing and billing.

Retail Shop Billing Software Advantages:

The advantages of billing software for retail shops are listed below.

  • Retail Shop Billing Software eliminates all manual processes in the billing system.
  • While one cannot deny that manual billing processes involve human error, it can be avoided by using billing software.
  • GST Billing Software makes the entire transaction process explicit. This will help you manage expenses and earnings together. It will also keep a detailed record of all the transactions stored for future reference.
  • It will help maintain and manage business inventory.
  • While GST billing and invoicing is a hectic task, GST billing software will simplify the process by creating professional invoices in a few clicks. Additionally, Zubizi will also help you with attractive invoice designs.
  • Fast payment collection is another feature that may seem simple, but this process is more complex in business.
  • It reduces the cost of material required for physical copies of invoices. This way, the software is also helping in environmental safety.
  • Automatic update features will help retain much effort for the users and retailers.
  • Storing data and keeping the records will save much time and effort for a small business such as retail.
  • Finally, it will assist you with controlled access to the software for users, something you can customize based on your requirements.

Why Choose Zubizi Billing Software for Retail Shop

While there is a fight among different software offering the same services, some features make Zubizi stand out from the pool of GST filing software.

Complete Service

Managing the finance-related service in one platform is convenient for any business. In addition, Zubizi is providing complete assistance in the management of the finance for your retail shop. Right from invoicing for the customers to GST calculation, everything is available under one roof.

Quick and Flair

Enjoy the service that is quick and smooth. This seamless billing platform is bliss for both your business and the customers. Plus, with the help of auto GST calculation, this platform will help save your efforts.


Security is highly valued at Zubizi. It offers a safe home for all data storage and high-security features against thefts or technical breaches. So, you can rely on this platform in terms of security.

Reliable Support

Trust not only the service but also the support Zubizi provides its users. Get the resolution to any issues instantly and continue your journey at Zubizi effortlessly.

User-Friendly Interface

An interface as friendly as the Zubizi's will surely win the heart of all retailers. Enjoy simple navigation that is easy to understand by both retail and customers.

Features to Fit You Need

Another important reason is the list of features, with the help of which you can enjoy the GST invoicing and billing service.

The top features offered by the platform are:

  • GST Number Validation
  • Easy GST Return Filing
  • Barcode Printer Integration
  • A4, Thermal POS Invoice Design
  • Auto GST Calculation

Benefits for the Customers

While Zubizi promises a fast, convenient and effortless billing system for retail, the benefits it offers your customers can be defined as some additional perks of retail shop billing software. Here are some of the top advantages you can gain from the customers’ end.

Fast and Convenient

Your customers will hate it if they have to stand in a queue to make the payment. This not only irritates them but also wastes their valuable time and effort. On the other hand, all love swift service, especially when it involves money. Quick invoicing is what your customers will admire after long hours of shopping.

Barcode Billing is Bliss

In the fast-paced world, people often forget to carry their essentials, including cash and wallet. This means they can even forget their credit or debit cards. However, whatever they forget, a smartphone is everyone's companion, without which people hardly step out these days. Therefore, make the best use of smartphones by offering them a barcode payment option, which is more effortless than any other payment system introduced so far!

Customer's Safety

The safety and security of your customers are the responsibility of Zubizi. It will ensure the record of the users is safe on its platform.

The retail shop is one of the most important businesses in today’s world. However, managing the workload and keeping manual records of the transactions and customers is a hectic task. Everything needs to be physically present in a retail shop, which already loads every owner with work. While human error is common, finance cannot bear any loss due to the same. This is why the importance of GST billing software has come into the picture. It provides a perfect resolution to all small businesses that need a more simplified and organized copayment system.

Just like ERP software, accounting software helps explicit management in the financial part of the business. So, if you need simple and efficient accounting for your retail business, Zubizi is right here. Check out the services and upgrade your management for better financial gain.

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