GarmenTech GST billing Software for the garment industry

We have made GarmenTech for garment manufacturer in India

Because; India is the second-largest garment manufacturing country in the World. But most of the manufacturers belong to the unorganized small and medium scale category.

After the implementation of GST, we provided an appropriate GST accounting software for the garments industry.

We developed GarmenTech GST accounting software to reduce the burden of paperwork and accounting complexity.

For ready-made garments manufacturers of India, we have developed GarmenTech GST software. Besides all the GST accounting FEATURES.

Here is a glimpse of some unique features of GarmenTech Software:

GarmenTech GST Software
  • Auto GST rate calculation

    The garments industry is among the ones where the GST rate is price dependent. It is troublesome to calculate different GST rates based on price.

    We eliminated this problem in GarmenTech with automation. The tax rate will be automatically calculated based on the net price after the discount.

    So, with our software, you don't need to worried about the price base tax rate.

  • Customer short form

    In the ready-made garments industry, a common phenomenon is, customer or agency has a short name which is different from their legal name or trade name.

    It is tricky to remember the company names when you generate an invoice or ledger.

    To reduce this hardship in our GarmenTech you can generate an invoice, ledger or any report by searching short name or nickname, and you will get all the details in trade name.

  • Agency in GarmenTech GST Software

    Most of the garments businesses are dependent on agencies where agencies bring the customer to manufacturers.

    The exception is, an invoice is generated to a customer but payments are made by agencies. It is difficult to manage the accounts of individual agencies and customers.

    In our GST software, you can put a customer under the agency and create the invoice for the customer.

    In the account, you can view two ledgers for one invoice, one for the agency and another for the customer. In that way, your unique accounting problem solved swiftly.

  • Multiple account ledger in GarmenTech GST Software

    Most of the garments manufacturers have various brands or companies. A single customer or agency may purchase from different brands.

    It is time-consuming to get a cumulative bill amount of different brands. For the hassle-free accounting, you can generate multiple account ledger altogether.

    It will save you valuable time to manage the due amount and receive payments.

  • Fixed and flexible discount setting

    Like other industry, garments manufacturing business also has a discount scheme. But garments manufacturers give the discount on more numerous variables.

    You may categorize like direct customers, customers through an agency, regular customer, seasonal customer, wholesale customer, retailers, dealer et cetera.

    Some time discount depends on payment criteria, like cash, short-time credit, long time credit.

    Thus, it is difficult to remember which customer getting how much discount and one mistake can cost huge.

    In our GarmenTech accounting software, you can set a fixed discount of a customer one time.

    And when you make an invoice discount will automatically be calculated. And you can change that anytime.

  • Discount On Account Ledger

    Most of the Garments manufacturing businesses are credit base.

    It's not as simple as another credit system. Generally, the final settlement did yearly or half-yearly.

    At the final settlement, the customer again takes a discount on the total yearly turnover basis.

    But manufacturers can't distribute the discount to all the sales bill.

    The number of bills can be thousand or more. In GarmenTech, we provide a unique feature.

    You can put the discount on the final yearly or half-yearly ledger.

    In that way, you don't need to edit every sales bill to adjust the balance sheet.

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